3 Yoni eggs – JASPE DALAMTIEN ♀- with holes


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 Yoni egg JASP DALMATIEN ♀- with holes

🌸You want  :

– tone your perineum

 – increase your vitality, your energy

 – increase your sexual energy tenfold

– avoid urinary leakage

– avoid organ descent

– get to know your inner feminine better

– have better lubrication (ideal for postmenopausal women)

– better control and manage penetration

– have more pleasure during penetration (for you and your partner)

– improve your emotional summer thanks to the virtues of the stone

–  take care of your physical and spiritual health?



There is a secret for this: Yoni egg

🌸For whom can the Yoni egg be useful?

For all women who want to regain their femininity, their vitality and their feminine and sexual power … and all the many points mentioned above. ↑

 🌸What is a Yoni egg?

Yoni eggs are stones cut in the shape of an egg.

It is beautiful object made of precious or semi-precious stone, smooth and soft.

“Yoni” means the sexual organ of the woman in Sanskrit.

Of different sizes and from different stones: green aventurine, carnelian, white jade, howlite, pink quartz …, they can, once placed in their vagina, allow women to develop the knowledge they have of their body, improve their emotional intelligence, or stimulate their libido.

 The use of the Yoni egg began  in ancient China as a secret practice that evolved; it was reserved for queens and concubines to satisfy the king’s pleasures.

But the benefits of the practice are much wider …

Indeed, women who regularly use the egg have seen an increase in vitality, sexual energy and improved physical and spiritual health.

“Myself, I have seen an emotional and even physical change from my experience. At first, you don’t necessarily feel comfortable, it seems rather even weird to have an object in your yoni, but little little by little, we feel a real energetic and even physiological change! A real boost of energy, profound. It’s great! And this is accessible to all! “

🌸 Which Yoni egg to choose?

Choosing her (1st) Yoni Egg is a very personal thing and we believe that every woman intuitively knows what is best for her. 

But if you feel a little lost at first, here are some tips:

*  which size to choose  : small (30×20 mm)? medium (40×25 mm)? large (45×30 mm) ? – if you are under 40 and   
have not had children, you can start with a means. If you choose a large one then you will be able to tone your perineum even more (thanks to the weight).

– for others, choose a large one and after a few weeks (2) of practice you can switch to medium.

 Using a large egg allows you to better work your sensitivity and better retain it. Then we can start to reduce the size of the egg because the perineum is more and more toned and you get to know this part of the body better and better.

The larger the egg, the heavier it is, so it becomes more difficult to keep it for long periods of time (except at rest, at night for example).

If you are having difficulty keeping the egg early – which is quite normal – do perineum toning exercises rather seated and breathe well and deeply.

– the ideal is to have a set of 3 sizes of Yoni eggs (small, medium and large) to have a different work on his perineum and for different situations.

* which stone to choose  : rose quartz? jade? obsidian? rock crystal?… 

Refer to the properties of each stone (mentioned in each article) and let yourself be guided … let your intuition speak … your inner voice.

“However, if I had to advise you (if you really do not know which one to choose) I would suggest Rose Quartz to bring softness, calm, love, inner peace.”

🌸Rather wired or wireless  ?

There are Yoni eggs pierced with a small hole to pass a thread, which makes it easier to remove the egg. You can use dental floss (without menthol) or the supplied floss.

However, with a little practice, it is very easy to remove your egg naturally, without having to use a thread.

You should not in any case force it, if it “resists”, it is because its work inside you is not finished, the action of the stone and its magic still need time for you. bring all its benefits.

In no case will it be “lost”! It will come out naturally. You can even continue to have sex with your Yoni egg inside of you.

To make this choice, imagine yourself carrying your egg … which one does it appear to you?

This is it! ✨

🌸 What exercises to practice?

First insert your egg by its largest part in your yoni.

1) Then, you will try to bring up the egg by inhaling well and contracting your perineum. If you have a thread, gently pull on it to bring it down and resist as much as possible while exhaling. Always very smooth, without forcing, without jerks. Do this ten times. Then you will push as if to bring out the egg while exhaling; do not let it go out, inhale so that it comes back up. Repeat this several times. You muscle the “top and bottom” of the vagina.  

2) Now contract backwards and push it forward (towards point G), push back, then forward … several times in a row. You muscle “in front and behind” and therefore the entire pelvic floor. 

It is very important to breathe well.

The ideal is to practice these exercises every day or at least 4 times a week, 10 to 20 minutes (or more) : the benefits, the feeling and the vitality will be even more present.  

You can even keep your egg all day and / or sleep with it. 

The simple fact of feeling your egg in different positions (sitting, standing, lying down, static, walking …) is already good exercise.

🌸A few more answers …

* It is not uncomfortable or even  disturbing  to carry a Yoni egg: on the contrary, you will develop and tone your pelvic floor muscles and your sexual organs. The energy will flow more and more and you will radiate it! ☀️

* What maintenance:  regularly clean your egg with hot water, with or without an intimate cleansing gel (organic and soap-free) as well as the cord if you have one. Dry it with a very soft towel.

It’s up to you to feel the need, the necessity; your Yoni egg is part of you, take care of it as you would take care of your body.


🌸 Contraindications  :  Important

– Do not carry a Yoni egg if you are pregnant or just after giving birth. Ask your midwife or doctor for advice after you give birth before you start practicing after you give birth (which is a great thing!)

– Do not use the egg if you have an infection of the vagina, vulva or bladder

– Do not use it when you have your period.

– Immediately remove the egg if you feel any discomfort.


🌸 The properties of Dalmatian jasper :

Dalmatian Jasper restores  the courage and patience  necessary to face everyday problems. It is also an excellent stimulant to  the imagination and to reflection , it helps to make the right decisions, at the right times, with calm and serenity. 

Dalmatian jasper also helps the mind to  get rid of stray thoughts  and unnecessary distractions to focus on the goals to be achieved. 

It is also an excellent regulator for the energies of yin and yang.

Dalmatian jasper is perfect for balancing the sacral chakra and the root chakra. 



3 sizes (weight) possible:

30 x 20mm (18g), 40 x 25mm (35g), 45 x 30mm (65g),

Semi-precious stone: Dalmatian jasper


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