25 Runes in semi-precious STONES


Sku: 225369

Celtic Runes Draw

Learn how to easily pull the runes out.
Have your own answers, have all the keys in hand for your questions or doubts …
Professional future?
Financial choice?
Sentimental situation?
Important choice?
Orientation in his life?
You will find answers and guidance thanks to the regular manipulation of the runes. You will reconnect with your intuition and your instinct …
You know, the little voice inside you …!
Discover these magnificent sets of Runes in real semi-precious stones: quality stones that will vibrate in your hands.
Each will give the print its own virtues.
Pick the ones that attracted you first, these are the ones!


25 Runes in Semi-Precious Stone

1 mixture of stones

14 unique stones to choose from


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